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Loads of Options

Loads of Options!

We offer dozens of options when it comes to accessorizing your cabinets. The combination of accessories you choose depend on your budget, needs and the designer's creativity. Regardless of which accessories you select, you'll need to make choices in the following essential categories:

Door styles

The three basic categories are raised panel, flat panel and slab. The first two are constructed of solid wood stile & rail frames. The upper rail my have an arched shape. Slab doors are single panels of glued-up solid or veneered stock. Doors may be inset, partially overlay the case or fully overlay the case. Of these categories are various styles from traditional, shaker, modern etc.


Maple is the most popular, we found that it is the most cost effective and can also stain to match any color. Although cherry, hickory, birch, and white oak are also frequently used. The interior of the cabinet is typically clear finsh birch or maple veneer unless it's a dark stain antique furniture unit.


We offer a vast variety of natural finishes and stains, Glazes, as well as frosted and brightly colored tints. We can also custom match any stain or color.


With dozens of trim molding to choose from, we can suggest the one that will achieve that finished touch and give your cabinets that refined look.

Door Panels

While most doors come fitted with flat or raised wood panels, glass inserts present another option. Styles include multiple panes separated by mullions, stained glass, and leaded glass.

Thermo-foil Doors

The most economical door is the thermo-foil finish, a thin colored plastic film that is heat-molded and glued to a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) core.

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