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Kitchens can sell homes

It’s a well known fact that bathrooms and kitchen cabinets have the power to sell your home.

If you’re planning on selling your house, then investing in the simple tips and tricks below will help your home to be snapped up.

Style and function

This area has to be both stylish and functional to help sell your property. If you’re trying to sell your home to a family market then cutting-edge gadgets, futuristic cupboards and a super minimalist look might not be the most practical solution for many families.

It’s a much better idea to focus on getting the balance right by thinking about how the room will be used. Including a small dining area and plenty of work surfaces will be very appealing to the family market.

Whether you’re aiming for a sale from the family market or young professionals, don’t be tempted to second guess all the tiny details buyers could be looking for.

This could lead to you spending money on features which won’t necessarily appeal to everyone and you could even narrow your market. When you refit this room with a view to selling your property, try to keep things simple and stylish and make the most of the space available as small and cluttered areas can really put buyers off.

Quick updates

With money being tight for many people at the moment it’s not always an option to install completely new units and appliances.

Clever and affordable ways to update the look of the room can include changing cabinet door handles, repainting or retailing walls and replacing fittings such as taps.

You need to create a feeling that the room is one where buyers would like to spend time even if it is just doing the dishes.

One way to make the room inviting is to add extra lighting to brighten up the space and clearing away unnecessary clutter from counter tops, a table will also give the illusion of a larger area. Giving the room a spring clean can instantly update the area and appliances can give the room a feeling of calm and cleanliness.

Kitchens which double up as dining rooms are very popular with families and people who want to entertain so if you have the room, consider investing in a small set of tables and chairs. This will make potential buyers feel as though they are getting more for their money and they’ll be able to visualize themselves enjoying the space.

On the day

When you’ve made as many preparations as possible, it’s time to open your home to the viewing public.

On the day of the viewing take the time to air the room by opening windows and using a subtle air freshener to wipe out any nasty odors.

Give your counter tops one last wipe down and wash, dry and put away any pots.

Open your blinds as wide as possible and switch the lights on so the room looks brighter and bigger.

Evidence of pets using areas which are used for cooking can put off home buyers so ship your pets and their belongings outdoors for the day.

These simple tips can help sell your home and leave an attractive living space for the new owner.

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